The America 2.0 Plan

Necessary Reforms

Version 1 –  7/10/2019

The list of reforms below are written in plain English – they will need to be translated into an armor-plated legalese that will stand up to any legal test. We will do the translation once we are sworn in to Congress in January, 2021. This will be a work in progress for the next several months. There will be many great minds collaborating on this document, so each update will contain the version number and the date revised.

Conflict of Interest


Prior to assuming office for the positions of President, Vice President, US Congress, or the Supreme Court, the electee / appointee must undergo a Conflict of Interest Audit conducted by an Auditor who is independent of the Federal Government. The audit will determine whether any existing business, personal, or other interests of the electee / appointee will present a potential conflict of interest to the duties of said office. Depending on the potential breadth and depth of the intricacy of the electee’s / appointee’s situation, this audit may begin at any time prior to taking the oath of office, however, the electee / appointee MAY NOT be sworn in to office until all conflicts have been resolved.

Personal Gain


People holding the positions of President, Vice President, Member of Congress, or Supreme Court Justice may not receive anything of value besides their payroll compensation as a result of their office. In order to assure that this occurs, every person holding the offices listed above will be examined every year that they serve in office and for 10 years after their period of service ends. Examined means that EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR IN AND OUT of every single bank, credit card, investment, etc accounts will be examined. Acceptance of anything of value or failure to identify an account will result in a punishment of 20 years in prison without the possibility of parole. Each position mentioned above will have a small, government funded expense account for speaking engagements, etc, which are in the interest of the public – Universities, etc. Additionally, insider trading rules will apply to Congress. In order to protect everyone involved, ALL investments must be put into a blind trust.



Line Item Veto – In order to avoid Pork contained in legislation, the President will have the power of a line item veto on all legislation. 

Money-Free Elections


This will be explained in depth in an upcoming video on my YouTube site.

Statement of Intent


As English is a less precise language than is say, Latin or German, Congress will be required to attach a statement of intent to every piece of legislation that they send to the President for signature. The Statement of Intent will further clarify the parameters of the proposed legislation and the Judicial Branch will be allowed to consider the Statement of Intent for future rulings and interpretation regarding the law.