Policy Positions Summary

Offshore Drilling and US Energy Policy

I am 100% AGAINST offshore drilling on the beautiful coastline of North Carolina.  This has “disaster” written all over it!  One careless error would destroy the coastline, both in terms of environment and industry, perhaps forever.

This speaks to our National Energy Policy as well.  We need to invest in renewable energy sources like wind and solar.  It would create thousands of jobs and then we could use our own domestic oil supply for domestic needs.  We could leave the Middle East entirely and be completely self-reliant.


The Declaration of Independence stated that “All Men are Created Equal”. Despite the prominence of this statement in one of our most sacred national documents – we have NEVER in the course of US History lived up to this standard. The only thing stopping us is “us”. We need to codify in our Constitution in NO UNCERTAIN terms this standard and create laws to ensure that we meet this standard going forward.

Election Reform

Remove ALL money from the Electoral Process, put strict laws in place restricting ALL politicians from enriching themselves from their offices. Publicly funded elections will remove all power from the RNC, the DNC, Corporations and Lobbyists. Return Electoral Power to the People – where it belongs.

The National Debt

At $23 Trillion, each Taxpayer (not household) owes approximately $185K in taxes to pay this down – so about $370K for a Married Couple. We incurred this debt to fund tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans going back to Ronald Reagan. The wealthiest Americans were the group that benefitted from this debt, so they should be the ones to pay it down. I will work to impose a (fair but effective) Wealth Tax to recoup our money.

Health Care

I believe that quality, affordable Health Care is an inalienable right for EVERY American. Our Health Care system is NOT designed to heal the sick, but to pay profits to shareholders. It is immoral and should be illegal for Health Care Companies to watch Americans die for increased Corporate Profits. Obamacare and Medicare For All have their positive qualities – but do not go far enough. They don’t solve THE PROBLEM, which is price gouging – the $100 Aspirin example for instance. My Health Care Reform Plan will solve that problem as well.


K-12: It should be a National Day of mourning if the US were to slip from number one to number two on the globe in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) testing. We are currently at around number 30 – a National Disgrace. I have a plan to both fix this and fund this and make American K-12 the best in the world.

Higher Education: Free Four-Year Public College for any student who can get accepted. The only limit to how far an American can go in Education should be a person’s natural aptitude and their motivation to excel. Free higher education is NOT an expense to the American people, but a source of future tax revenue. Additionally, this will create a happier and more educated society who can lead America through the 21st Century and beyond.

True Tax Reform

Common sense tax reform that demands that the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share. We all want a successful business environment in the United States, but we need REAL Reform that ensure that employees don’t get left behind as Corporate Wealth and CEO pay increases.

Yellow Journalism AKA Propaganda

The “News” differs greatly between the Left and the Right, not just a small difference in perspective, but completely different material facts on many issues. One side is simply NOT telling the truth. President Obama was not responsible for the ideological rift between US Citizens, and neither is Trump. The reason that this seemingly insurmountable rift exists is because one side is guilty of a horrendous, prolonged propaganda campaign. New laws need to be created around “truth in reporting” and the propagandists currently operating need to be criminally prosecuted for the virtually irreparable damage that they have done to our country, both domestically and abroad.

Immigration Reform

I have a plan that will require all immigrants to register with the State Department and the Department of the Treasury to ensure that they are here legally and are paying taxes if they are working in the US, or they will face criminal charges. This plan is balanced with a streamlined path to Residency / Citizenship that will honor our history as a Nation of Immigrants while ensuring that the interests of US Citizens are protected.

Global Warming

This is quite simply an existential threat to the entire world. My plan will ensure the survival of the Human Species while minimizing the impact on business and our current quality of life.


Will end. Day one. Period.