APEX, NC — Today, Iraq veteran and tax accountant Mark Judson announced his campaign for North Carolina’s 4th Congressional District. Mark is a Democrat, and his life experience taught him the importance of financial responsibility and fighting the right battles. That battle is getting money out of politics—something Democratic and Republican voters strongly support.

In a launch video [ADD LINK WHEN READY] released this morning, Mark laid out his “America 2.0” plan that will “Set up oversight rules that will prohibit members of Congress from taking legalized bribes, and imposing stiff penalties on those who do” and “take all of the electoral power out of the RNC, the DNC, Lobbyists and Corporations, and putting it back into the hands of American voters – where it belongs!”

As a financial professional, Mark has seen first-hand how intentionally complicated systems are created to keep the rich powerful and everyone else powerless. He plans to use his experience to cut through confusing campaign finance and lobbying law and explain the problems to voters in simple terms.

Mark will do this via a series of explainer videos—not usual politician-speak or sound bites—on the campaign YouTube Channel.

The campaign is not built around malice toward Congressman David Price, and Mark hopes to establish with Price a working relationship based on goodwill as he spreads his anti-corruption platform. Mark has found great opportunity in America. He’s served in the Army as one way of giving back, and this campaign is his next act of service to his country.

The campaign will also keep track of current elected officials who favor getting money out of politics so that voters in North Carolina and beyond can support candidates who align with this agenda. The primary election will take place on March 3rd, 2020.


Wednesday, 7/24/19
Contact: , (919) 888-1514